32 American Rhodes Scholars Selected

The American Secretary of Rhodes Trust, Elliot F. Gerson recently announced the names of fortunate 32 American men and women elected as Rhodes Scholars, representing the United States.

They will enter Oxford University next year in the month of October.

Rhodes scholarship is one of the oldest international fellowship awards that cover all the expenses for 2-3 years at University of Oxford in England and in some instances it extends funding for 4 years.

According Mr. Gerson, this is the oldest and best known scholarship program that allows students from USA to study in international university and explore new horizons. He further added that this is the most popular academic award for all American college graduates who want to experience international study.

Rhodes scholarship was first awarded in the year 1902 and it was created by the Will of Cecil Rhodes, who was the British philanthropist and the popular African colonial pioneer. T

his scholarship is awarded in collaboration with Second Century Founder, Mr. John McCall MacBain and some other bighearted benefactors.

The first batch of Rhodes scholars entered Oxford University in the year 1904 and the 32 fortunate scholars elected this year will enter in October 2015.

The students are elected for this award in two-stage process. Firstly, all the applicants should be endorsed by their respective American colleges or universities. Mr. Gerson said that this year over 1600 applicants sought their institute’s endorsement to get this scholarship and only 877 applicants were endorsed by 305 diverse universities and colleges in America.

After evaluating the applications the Selection Committee in 16 different districts of USA invite the most strongest and deserving applicants to appear for a personal interview.

Secondly, the applicants are elected on the basis of norms set by the Will of Cecil Rhodes. This includes excellent academic career and other factors. The Rhodes Scholars must have ambition for impact, personal energy and ability to work with other to achieve one’s goals.

The scholars must promise to have great leadership qualities and strong dedication to make difference for good in the world.

The fortunate 32 scholars elected this year from US will unite together with an international group comprising scholars from 14 different jurisdictions across the globe. Apart from 32 scholars from USA, there are also other scholars selected from South Africa, India, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Germany, Commonwealth of Caribbean, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Over 80 scholars are selected from across the globe and this includes students who have attended American colleges, but not a permanent resident of America and who have applied from their home country.

Mr. Gerson estimated that this year the total value of the award averages approximately US $50, 000 per year and may even increase up to US $200, 000 for scholars who will stay at Oxford for 4 years in specific departments.

For detailed information go through American Rhodes Scholarships Winners 2015.

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