"These are really good essays!"

one of those schools most of you would give your eye teeth to get into.

As a result of my being quoted in that front-page Wall St. Journal article
yesterday, (OK. OK. I’m milking it.) I received a call from a client I
great hearing from him. We worked closely on his application, and he
partner in his own money management firm. He credited my assistance
worked with in 1996-97. We haven’t spoken in several years, and it was

was accepted to several schools, including his top choice which is also
pulled out his application and re-read the essays, “These are really

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good essays!” he said. Adding that they create a snapshot of him at
with helping launch his career and told me that several months ago he
that point in time, he may at some point give them to his child to

It was fun catching up with him. He is now married, a father, and a
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